A husband is a man legally and officially bound to a woman in a relationship expected to last for a life time and have taken a traditional vow for better for worse, in health and in sickness, to love and to cherish, till death do 'us' part.

While the wife is a complimentary helper the husband is her master. He is not a tyrant master but master of love. He is the master provider.

He is the master defender of his wife and family over enemies and forces that tend to bring down the roof over their head.

The husband is master care giver and a master protector of the joy, happiness and peace around his home.

He is on top every situation but not a burden  and pver weight when on top.
Even at a time movies promote the woman on top, she only does so as a complement while the man takes a break for fresh air and regain his energy.

The husband is that step up man who would never be provoked to raise his hand on his woman and would never take advantage of her fragility.


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